Bohemian Rhapsody

Sometimes a change in a pigment’s supply brings with it a sense that something unique is being lost, but not always. Such is the case of our Bohemian Green Earth. This color always came as a unique blend from a particular manufacturer but over the years it had also drifted away from a warmer, mossy green into something decidedly cooler. When we learned we could no longer get this mix, and would need to match it ourselves, there was an opportunity to reexamine where the color had been and try to recapture some of that original color space. Below you can see where the color was some 15 years ago, where it has been recently, and finally our new blend that harkens back to the original.

Bohemian Green EarthThis will also bring about some changes to the label, as the pigments making up the color has gone from

PY 119 – Zinc Ferrite Brown
PY 42 – Synthetic Iron Oxide
PBk 28 – Copper Chromite Black Spinel
PW 6 – Titanium Dioxide Rutile

To the more current

PR 101 – Synthetic Red Iron Oxide
PY 42 – Synthetic Hydrated Iron Oxides
PBk 11 – Synthetic Black Iron Oxide
PW 6 – Titanium Dioxide Rutile

Because it can take awhile for a change like this to make its way out into the world, you will likely not see it in stores until early next Spring. When it does appear, we hope you will find this new blend to be a nice continuation of a color that has been a part of the Williamsburg palette for more than 15 years. And certainly always let us know what you think once you have tried it!





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