18 and Beautiful….

They take their place, lined up against the wall. Three rows of six each, like contestants trying to show off their best side. They are beautiful, seductive. Each of the colors beckon you a bit with promises of an undiscovered nook, a locked secret, a long lost friend you swap stories with over cappuccinos.

18 New Colors from Williamsburg Handmade Oil Colors

Only painters might understand how one can linger for hours looking and imagining into a color, moving it around on the palette, unfolding it, discovering how it acts, what it likes….how it smudges and glides, or how its grainy texture pulls you deeper into the Provencal landscape, with its vineyards and the endless string of French masters who staked their vision there.

From the moment people started coming by our booth at the College Art Association, where they were learning and seeing them for the first time, to the many emails and phone calls in response to the most recent Just Paint article, the 18 new colors we are introducing has been met with incredible excitement, enthusiasm, anticipation, and seemingly one burning and overriding question: when? When can we see them, buy them, order them, try them….

So here’s the scoop…..all of them will start shipping from here around May 14, but we would strongly encourage you to share your interest in these colors with your local art store, as retail orders for the new colors are being accepted now. As in today. Or tomorrow. Not sure who to contact in your area, or need more information? You can always call us at 800-293-9399 / 607-847-8843 and ask for our Customer Service folks, who will help connect you with a supplier, or one of us in tech support,  who can answer any questions you might have.

If you are just now learning about the colors, definitely take a moment and read Amy McKinnon’s excellent article describing them. And if any of you haven’t done so already, sign up for our free Just Paint newsletter so you can keep up with our latest discoveries and research and what might be around the corner. It’s painless and easy – just fill out this form.

And now here is our question to you: what else would you love to see us make, find, discover, or revive? What do you keep dreaming to reach for, but then find it just isn’t there – that quirky gap you yearn to fill in your palette, that medium you hope will rock your world, that rare pigment you suspect is out there for the finding? Many of the new colors that are coming out this Spring started from just those types of conversations and comments, from those burning desires for something beautiful and something new. So we would always love to hear whatever you are thinking.

Get that idea or thought out of your head and give us a call (800-293-9399 / 607-847-8843) or send an email techsupport@WilliamsburgOils.com

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Sarah Sands


6 thoughts on “18 and Beautiful….

  1. I’ve read the article in Just Paint, and I loved that Ms McKinnon used the word “terroir” in relation to pigments.

    The colours themselves are beautiful, and I’m longing to get my hands on the Green Gold, Cadmium Purple, French Light Sienna and the Ardoise Grey.

    • Hi Megan….so glad you like the colors! Or at least the thought of them. The great thing is that they are much more stunning in person than in word or image, so we are positive you will be thrilled. And will definitely let Amy know that her wordsmithing was appreciated!


    • Arise, arise!! : ) Well, at least in a couple of months we can intone that. So many people, seeing these at the College Art association, were drawn to the Ardoise Grey – which is high on my own personal list. There is something about those subtle, ethereal greys that can be as breathtaking as many much more vibrant color. It just sings in a different key.

  2. The blog looks set to be an excellent resource. Thank you, Williamsburg/Golden for putting solid research in my hands in a variety of forms.

    After reading the Color Mixing article in Just Paint, I’m antsy to try working with some new colors. Would you please recommend a Williamsburg Oil Colors mixing set most comparable to the featured Golden’s Modern Theory Color Mixing Set? In other words, which colors do you think best fill the Hansa Yellow slots and Naphtol Red Light slot?

    Thanks, Carlyle

    • Hi Carlyle –

      Sorry for the long delay in responding but our comments section got overridden with spam for awhile there and I just now found yours.

      To answer your question, if wanting to use as close to the same colors as possible, we would recommend the following:

      Hansa Yellow Light
      Hansa Yellow Medium
      Napthol Red Light
      Quinacridone Magenta
      Anthraquinone Blue
      Phthalo Blue Green Shade
      Phthalo Green Blue Shade

      Permanent Yellow Light
      Permanent Yellow Medium
      Fanchon Red
      Quinacridone Magenta
      Indanthrone Blue**
      Phthalo Blue
      Phthalo Green

      **Indanthrone Blue is one of the 18 New Colors and might take a few months to get into every nook and cranny of our retailer store list, but if you need help locating it, just give us a call.

      Hope that helps.

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